Ogre Bogies are ogre sized pencils that have been used by Bert our friendly Ogre to have a good rummage around in his nose to remove his constant bogies.

Every Ogre Bogie pencil is unique, because you never know what kind of bogie Bert will pull from his nose!

These pencils are just a bit of fun, as a learning project setup by Ben (see story below) during COVID Lockdown to learn about business and how to build a website. The pencils are for sale and it would be great if you would like to buy some…

Order your Ogre Bogey Pencil Today...

Single Ogre Bogie Pencil

£ 1
  • Enough Snot for one person!

3 Ogre Bogie Pencils

£ 3
  • Enough Snot for one person!
  • Put a spare behind your ear!
  • Give one to your best friend

5 Ogre Bogie Pencils

£ 6
  • Enough Snot for one person!
  • Put a spare behind your ear!
  • Give one to your best friend
  • It's Bogie Party Time!

A charge of 75p will be added to any order to cover postage and packing


The OgreBogies Story... 'snot just an ordinary pencil!!

Hi, my name is Ben, the 10 year old creator of “OgreBogies” pencils.

During COVID19 I found learning difficult and so me and my dad came up with the crazy idea of making this website and simple business. We thought that I could learn all about web design, marketing, setting up a business and everything that goes with it.

Dad is a web designer professionally, and so I worked with him to create the logo and write all of this content for the website. I’m still learning as I go, and will continue to keep adding things to this as I learn more and things hopefully-take-off.

It is my plan that hopefully I’ll sell lots of these pencils, and as soon as I have earned enough money to cover the costs of setting everything up, it is the plan that I will donate half of the profit from selling the pencils to the NHS to help with COVID.

I’d really love it if you would consider buying one or more of my pencils. If you have any friends or family who you think might like a crazy Ogre Bogie pencil then please tell them to check out this website and place their order.

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Read my "BogieBlog" to find out updates on what I'm learning from this project, how many pencils are sold and how much money it is raising for charity...

My blog will be launched soon...

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